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15 Celebrities that have Insured Body Parts

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For many celebrities the world over, body image is everything. Their body or specific body parts will land them their next movie role,be used in the marketing of their new single or to score modelling and advertising gigs. Given the association many celebrities have with certain body parts – thick lips to legs to rear-ends – great lengths are taken ...

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15 hottest female athletes


1.Ronda Rousey 29, Women’s MMA fighter Ronda is now one of the most famous athletes in the world, but she almost gave up on her athletic career a few years ago. She was the first-American woman to win an Olympic-medal in judo at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, but then retired at the age of 21 to become a bartender ...

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15 Most Recognized Celebrities who have Famous Parents


Kids learn a lot from their parents. They observe and grow in the footprints of their parents as they try to find their career path, passion and goals. Research reveals that most celebrity parents pass the mantle to their children and their children also raise another generation of famous, successful and meaningful people in the society. This is a list ...

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15 NFL Players That Have Gone Bankrupt


Being a celebrity football player is always no assurance of achievement in life. Yes, the players play and make millions of money while they are at the top of their game, but controlling money is always a problem. It also doesn’t benefit that a normal NFL career only lasts the duration of 3 to 4 years. It is just a ...

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17 Hottest and Smartest News Anchors in the World


Julie Banderas Even at 42, Julie is still as hot as during her heydays at WLI-TV in Boston. She comes from a Colombian ancestry, and grew up in Hartford Connecticut where she spent a better part of her childhood. She then went on to Emerson College, where she studied journalism and graduated with a bachelor’s degree.   She had her ...

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15 Celebrities Who Have Been Involved In Domestic Abuse


Rihanna & Chris Brown Robyn Rihanna Fenty, more popularly known as Rihanna, got her feet wet in the industry in the year 2003 doing demos and mixtapes. However, the Label Def Jam saw the star she could have been and offered her a contract she unhesitantly signed. Things got even sweeter when Rihanna paired up with the then Prince of ...

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With bad decisions made and break-ups happening every day, many celebrities have gone from rich to flat broke. Divorce, taxes, and bad investments are some of the factors that may render a rich man poor in a matter of days. Here are twenty celebs who suffered significant financial losses making them broke. 1.Charlie Sheen After a successful life in acting, ...

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17 Child Stars Gone Bad


1. Amanda Bynes In 2012, Amanda Bynes suffered the strangest public mental breakdown ever. She was a teen star that ruled Hollywood. However, she vanished from the spotlight and stopped appearing in movies.   2012 was a difficult year for Amanda because she started acting weird, wearing odd wigs, attacking celebrities on Twitter, getting a DUI, and most infamously – ...

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15 Hollywood actors you didn’t know were gay


Here are some of the top stars who recently came out or have been spotted with their significant others by the media. Some of them chose to be completely open about it while others kept it hidden until they were very sure that they want to disclose it to everyone. 1. Raven Symone Raven came out way back in 2013 ...

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The 15 Most Shocking Celebrity Arrests!


1. Justin Bieber Born March 1st, 1994 in London, Canada, Justin Bieber is one of the biggest pop music superstars of this generation. However, his career is not free from blemishes. He was arrested January 23rd, 2014.The official arrest stated that he was driving under the influence (DUI), drag racing, and resisting arrest.   The DUI was further supported by ...

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