The World’s Best Secrets for Thicker, Fuller, Younger Looking Hair

It’s not just men who lose their hair. Studies show 21 million women have noticeably thinning hair, often caused by hormonal shifts during pregnancy or menopause. The good news is, many of the natural cures used around the world are proven to be as good as pricey commercial products.

The World's Best Secrets for Thicker, Fuller, Younger Looking Hair

Coconut oil keeps your scalp healthy

Coconut oil calms inflammation and opens clogged follicles, stimulating healthy hair growth. Coconut oil plumps the hair shaft, making it appear fuller after just one use.



Emu oil fortifies folliclesEmu Oil

Emu oil packed with soothing oleic and linoleic acids can rejuvenate up to 80% of dormant follicles, a Boston University study suggests. Emu oil even stimulates regrowth along the front hairline.



Grape seed makes hair growthGrape Seed

Grape seed extract provides everything from increased circulation to reduced cholesterol and recent research shows it even stops thinning hair. It can make your hair fuller and less likely to shed.


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